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IELTS Reading time management tips | how to manage time in IELTS reading

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Another common approach that can fail is to ask the trainees what they expect to address and resolve at the start of the time management training program and resolve this at the end with approaches that are still generic. Time management programs are now popularly available. The demand for this course has increased overtime. The possible loss of a job, noise, change of surroundings, relationships going bad, fear, problems with other people and even the things that we imagine can cause stress. Aside from identifying the things that causes stress, stress management will include a good introspection on how we cope with it. Using our recognized coping mechanism that is helpful is a good start towards stress management. The language in the business world is productivity and wise use of time. Time has often been translated into dollars that if one is to remain competitive, there is simply no other option. Personal time management is recognizing how much your time is worth. Typically, the 90 hours window for the week is divided into work and personal time. It eliminates also much of the stress that are often the result of unmanaged time. Time management skill differs from individual to individual. Some have inkling for this while young and puts it to practice that benefits them most as they age. Some learns it through experience while others through other people and seminars. The greatest thing that goes against it however is the lack of physical interaction. Another is the language, the amount of dedication that one could have in reading a book. The issue of time management is a worldwide concern but not every country in the world has a culture for loving books. Another issue is that people of other cultures may be the very people who will benefit from time management most to upgrade productivity and progress but often the very same people who need it most and want it most are those who can afford it least. And yet if the college student is to be a professional some day, this is also one of the best advises that they have to take. The following is a simple illustration on how time blocks should be assigned to ensure that time divisions are set for the achievement of basic goals. The Two Main Hour allocation Fixed/Given Time = 113 hours every week. 

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