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Is It Possible To Master Time? – Sadhguru

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Reduces anxiety Anxiety is more often the result of not being sure where one is going. It is performing many different tasks without a sense of getting anywhere. In these instances, pressure mounts and the anxiety is heightened. Confidence Knowing that a task is undertaken and well done results to approval. Time and attendance management is hardware and software that are designed to keep track of Job costing, floor production control, access control applications, and time and attendance management. It could be used for fingerprint verification, and other options like keypad entry, magnetic card, barcode card, proximity card and smart cards. I know this is anal but often it is done that way. Time management is the ability to adopt to the limitation of time that is allowed to each of us everyday focussing on the envisioned end result and not necessarily on the movement per se. Good time management is doing things a little each time with well-defined purpose of action. Some have inkling for this while young and puts it to practice that benefits them most as they age. Some learns it through experience while others through other people and seminars. Others have psychological barriers in their personality that makes it more difficult for them to practice the principles taught. Allow a time each day that is dedicated to projected time lost. - Find out why you are wasting time and have a realistic plan not to fall into the same pattern. - Prioritize work from the most immediate to the least and work from there. You can also start from the work that you like doing least. This action plan allows you to somehow maintain your pace as the day moves on. It has to be enjoyed to the fullest extent that we can. Maybe this is why it is called a present. Failing to do those will find many of us having spent time and having done nothing much. Movement as we all know is not always being efficient. Yet everyday, movement is often mistaken to be progress when all one did was like sitting on a rocking horse moving back and forth and getting nowhere. 

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