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This may sound too simplistic but it is true. Think. If you would want to start at a better date when all things start falling into place, it will never happen. Besides that is the best way to loose time. That is procrastination. When you have already heard about it, read about it or been trained to do it, do it already. Different Approaches to a Time Management Course Time management started a long time back but has become most popular now as the demands placed on us by conflicting interests are on the rise. Time management then deals largely with how to manage things that are largely work related. Today, time management courses have been developed that encompasses practically all the hours in our daily affairs. Floating work There are tasks that you can do anywhere that doing them now will only complicate your main task at hand. Recognize them and do it on your flexible time. Learn to compromise where it is necessary. The importance and urgency of a task can change anytime of the day. Make adjustments and allow times for these. The changes in real time management is fast as the application of real time statistics and information on international commerce that needs to be processed for more accurate decisions are constantly shifting. Presently more than 25% of all the volume that is traded is done programmatically. By 2008 volumes that are being done programmatically will increase to 40%. As reviewing them may need time, I would just offer a few things to spot and remedy them immediately. There are generally two issues that effect us most in the workplace. One is the way things and events affect us, the other is how we control them. - There is no such thing as organized clutter. Clutter is clutter and no matter how it is viewed, it is still disorganized. Being creative in doing and introducing different ways of doing things, challenging routines and habits, defending your plan and your time when others dictates on it and simply raising your use of time with the end view of being more productive and useful. Better said than done. These are ultimate desires and objectives of any organization and yet implementation is often met with so many difficulties. 

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