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It is the realization of what are important and prioritizing things from those. It is the ability to say no and the ability to reject time stealers. Time management is delegating things when there is a need for delegation, deciding on things with dispatch when the need arises and developing the ability to spot potential problems before it can occur. Allow a time each day that is dedicated to projected time lost. - Find out why you are wasting time and have a realistic plan not to fall into the same pattern. - Prioritize work from the most immediate to the least and work from there. You can also start from the work that you like doing least. This action plan allows you to somehow maintain your pace as the day moves on. What it is Not Time Management Some of the most common arguments about not having to put time into segments of activities is that time management restrict spontaneity. It takes away the surprises that make life more enjoyable. It makes life so regimented to limit freedom. On the other hand a person who have learned enough time management and have applied them have more predictable results, have better direction and purpose, are more successful and often ends up with more time in hand. When he goes down to his normal realities, the same problems and distractions, the same habits that have been formed are not totally done away with. It needs conviction to keep reinforcing the self. For some it will be touch and go for a while resulting in succeeding or quitting. Time management at work is making time in pursuing the goal. Directing Personal Time Management Effectively To begin personal time management, it will be good to look at first on how much time is really available for us and having a good grasp on how much is that time worth. Everyone has 168 hours to spend every week. If you are like most of us, taking away the time required for sleeping and rest, personal hygiene and grooming, time needed for meals and snacks, travelling and other personal necessities will leave you with 90 hours for the week that you can divide for work and leisure. 81% of managers also suffers from stress at least once a week. If the time that is being used by managers, as parameters to measure others are the same time that they measure on themselves, then employee time management indeed, must be reviewed if not yet implemented. As reviewing them may need time, I would just offer a few things to spot and remedy them immediately. 

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