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TIME MANAGEMENT - Gestione del tempo

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Finding things when you need them can already substantially increase productivity. - Job descriptions should be used properly. Working outside of the job description with the workload already required is inviting a disorganization to happen. - Key result areas are to be well defined and worked on, if possible relentlessly. Like all skills, time management skills are learnable, it may also one of your most important. Good time management skill gives you better control of your life where balance on personal, career, studies and family are achieved. You also gain enough flexibility on responding to surprises that crops up once in a while. Time management programs can organize your telephone book contacts by improving the time management capabilities through appointment calendars by assessing what needs to be done today. It analyses your to do list and offers prioritization of work that keeps the user constantly on track of tasks at hand and those that needs doing next. Signs of stress are headaches, indigestion, shortness of breath, change of appetite, fatigue and exhaustion, sleep interruption restlessness, decreased sexual activity, etc. Stress management will require a good amount of rest, if sleep is not possible immediately, you should relax 1 to 2 hours before your sleeping time. Schedules can not be avoided as much as time for sleeping and eating can not. Out of the 168 hours every week, the crucial time for management is really only about 40 hours. If this can be handled very well most things already can. The rule of the thumb in personal time management is simple. Creating a plan and working on it. The time management techniques that they have applied to themselves are also the parameters that they apply in other modes of their behavior. Some who have observed these effective people has common approaches to time saving and management techniques. Professionals have these common responses that makes them effective at time management: - Their workspaces are free from clutter. 

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