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Time management – Lo strumento di Warren Buffet per gestire tempo, obiettivi e priorità

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Stressing the self out with the tasks at hand. Going back home again knowing that tomorrow will more or less just be the same as the day before, results to frustration and not being able to enjoy life as it ought to be. The benefits of time management and the opportunity it provides does not only empower the person that practices it, it also creates an influence that benefits other people as well. Time management is not meant to plunge the self into an unrelenting activity, moving every which way, ending up the day exhausted and achieving next to nothing. I know this is anal but often it is done that way. Time management is the ability to adopt to the limitation of time that is allowed to each of us everyday focussing on the envisioned end result and not necessarily on the movement per se. Keeping a good balance between the activities involves determining of what should really be accomplished first and so on. The primary goal is to attend lessons and pass the course. Typical advice but boring. Still that is the objective. Most time spent will have to revolve around that to ensure that the goal is reached. When attending seminars, the attendee has very little control on the choice of the speaker especially if the time management course is sponsored, not so with time management books. There is a wide array of these books online and in your bookstore. As with any other bookstore, you can scan the contents and have a peep at the book with previews and can make a selection depending on what suits your personal preferences. Usually companies today provide time management courses and seminars to their employees. Often though these are work-related courses designed to make the attendee more efficient and productive. Approaches are also different. Often, a training manager is made to attend a course cascading the skills learned to employees. It can not be detected until it reaches a critical level and then a breakdown occurs. Stress management is realizing that there are things that we can not change, there are things that sometimes can be changed, and there are things that we can do something about. Stress management is also managing the threats that are exposed to us. 

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