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Stress management is realizing that there are things that we can not change, there are things that sometimes can be changed, and there are things that we can do something about. Stress management is also managing the threats that are exposed to us. If the threat can be remedied on, the threat can decrease dramatically. Time Management for College Students Of all the programs that the average college student will likely overcome least is time management. Given the numerous tasks and concerns of the college student ranging from issues on allowances, deadlines, projects, term papers, peers, personal problems, family concerns, jobs, etc. Floating work There are tasks that you can do anywhere that doing them now will only complicate your main task at hand. Recognize them and do it on your flexible time. Learn to compromise where it is necessary. The importance and urgency of a task can change anytime of the day. Make adjustments and allow times for these. - Realistic, on site assessment of goals, objectives and actions. - Boss's whims or tantrums - Pointless routines and strategies. - Identification and rejection of time wasters. - Ad hoc disruptions and interruptions. - Adoption of time management software and technology. One of the major components to good management program is following though and the constant adhering to the skills taught until it becomes a habit. It may be worth the while to observe realistic cycle plans and cyclic time frames. - Identify time wasters to use time more effectively. - There are routine problems and there are the unexpected problems. A good part of meetings are fire-fighting issues that could also be avoided. It will also be very useful if one looks at the way time is being spent and make the necessary adjustment from there. Depending on your situation, obstacles can be the inability to say no, the desire to please taking on more tasks that are possible. It can be timidity to drop the phone first. The curiosity to open e-mails and brochures or the temptation at not quitting from engaging pleasant talks first. Simply put, it could be the difficulty at spotting things that eats up time before it is realized. 

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