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Timemanagement: leer prioriteiten stellen. Webinar Learnit Training

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The parameters by which manager's use their time are also the parameters that they use on the rank and file. And yet it may be discomforting to notice that managers themselves are big contributors to inefficient time use for lack of respect to the time of their subordinates. This is why a good time management program has to encompass every level of the workforce. All time management courses differ on the titles and settings but are basically designed the same. Time management courses are meant to keep us functioning effectively and cope with the expectations of the present and our expectations of ourselves. Usually companies today provide time management courses and seminars to their employees. Whatever the issues involved, time management books are the handiest training materials that one's hand can lay on in time management. When attending seminars, the attendee has very little control on the choice of the speaker especially if the time management course is sponsored, not so with time management books. Working outside of the job description with the workload already required is inviting a disorganization to happen. - Key result areas are to be well defined and worked on, if possible relentlessly. Poorly defined key result areas means poor progress checking and not achieving desired measures of success. The Benefits of Time Management Aside from the fulfillment that one derives out of being more efficient and productive the effective practice of time management allows the following benefits: A sense of achievement In the workplace, man's worth to the company is measured against the amount of output that is contributed and the influence that it creates. Limit giving in to temptation of engaging in small talk when priorities are set and being worked on. Respect you decision in planning and you are on your way. Delegate. Be realistic about the things that you can and can not do. Delegate the things that you must. Floating work There are tasks that you can do anywhere that doing them now will only complicate your main task at hand. 

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