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Tips for Effective Time Management

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Time and Attendance management can deliver hourly or real time data of productivity to decision makers enabling them to monitor and have better time control and management data from their offices. It allows managers to decide immediately to increase use of time and resources that can raise profitability where and as it is needed. Be realistic about the things that you can and can not do. Delegate the things that you must. Floating work There are tasks that you can do anywhere that doing them now will only complicate your main task at hand. Recognize them and do it on your flexible time. Learn to compromise where it is necessary. If you however need it, block another 30 minutes per day or according to your requirement. The Free Time If you have followed the computation, you are left with 55 hours for the week that you can use. If you allocate 4 hours each day for socializing and doing other personal things like jobs, attending extra curricular activities, writing letters, checking on e-mail etc you will still have 28 hours for the week that could be spent further on study periods or your personal time. Time management softwares are also available for more complex time management concerns. A variety of time management softwares are designed to handle multiple requirements as projects grow to include larger management issues and more time variables. Time management softwares are available in different levels of function and sophistication. Employees who want to impress their bosses do this time and time again. There is no sense to it. Everything should be in their proper places, labeled, tagged and stocked except for that which is immediately being worked on. Finding things when you need them can already substantially increase productivity. On the other hand a person who have learned enough time management and have applied them have more predictable results, have better direction and purpose, are more successful and often ends up with more time in hand. Correct time management is really to enjoy what one reaps. But often, time control buffs go to the extreme of gaining more time to turn it into another frenzy of activity and so on where no time is really left to enjoy the rewards gained. 

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