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👨🏻u200d💻7 Lessons on Time Management From Bill Gates (Productivity Hacks)

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When choosing a trainer that will conduct the time management training program, it will be very helpful if they have had experiences in working the trenches because trainees can identify these and can have a better relationship with the trainer. If not, the trainers' integrity is questionable to the average worker and may result to ineffective time management training programs. Typically, the 90 hours window for the week is divided into work and personal time. The failure and success of personal time management relies heavily on these. When work time is mixed with the personal time and vice versa, negative repercussions happen. The two can really not be mixed. Otherwise the body will interpret leisure time mixed with work as work and tasks mixed with leisure will still be work that leaves one exhausted and stressed and in extreme cases lowers down the body functions that makes one prone to illnesses. 7 hours x 7 days = 49 hours - Lecture and lab time per week = 25 hours - Personal necessities (eating, grooming, hygiene, etc) = 2 hours a day x 7 = 14 hours - Study time at one hour per subject (average) = 25 hours - Other students will need short naps between classes. Some students do not need in between naps. For a purpose, I am not making here recommendations on time management books. Reviews you see are either opinions of the reviewer, are paid advertisements or worse are both. Time management books are good references but they can not substitute for the formal learning and interaction provided by time management outfits whether join them online or in the classroom and delivered live by a speaker that is respected. It always happen that when you are trying to do a good job or start on a significant one that will have a drastic effect, sooner or later something crops up to derail your effort. Ask anyone who has succeeded and they will tell you the same. Allow extra time for the unexpected. It may not be as dramatic. The rule is, if the other person can do the job 80% as well, the job will be delegated. This is one of the main reasons why very effective people very seldom look and feels stressed and fatigued. The things that we do, do not cause stress and fatigue. Often it is caused by the constant worry of the things that we must still do and there is little left time for it. 

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